New Rules For The Foreigner Residence Permits In Turkey

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Foreigner Residence Permits in Turkiye:

Turkey Introduces $75,000 Minimum on Property for Foreigner Residence Permits. 

As a tourist residence permit, rental agreements previously gave foreigners the right to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days. But now, foreigners must buy a property to apply for a residence permit in Turkey

On the other hand, a new minimum limit was also determined for the residence permit by property investment as of April 27. According to the circular, both the appraisal report and the real estate sales price (the price on the deed) must be a minimum of 75.000 USD in metropolitan cities and a minimum of 50.000 USD in the other regions.

Turkey Residence Permit by Investing 50000 $ or 75000 $| Fix price| by  Green Group - YouTube

The requirement will apply to all districts in these cities, meaning that foreign nationals will have to buy a house from Bodrum or Fethiye, which is at least $75,000 because it is under the jurisdiction of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality.

In significant cities: $75,000

Based on the new resolution, those who want to obtain real estate residency in Turkey should note that it is required for this that the price of the property to be purchased is $75,000 and more in central states such as IstanbulAnkaraIzmirBursaAntalya, Gaziantep, Adana, and Mersin.

In smaller cities: $50,000

While the value of the property in it Turkish smaller cities must be $50,000 and upwards, in the event that the foreign investor desires to obtain a real estate residence permit in Turkey.

$75,000 Minimum Value on Property for Residence Permit Applications -  Kusadasi News


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